Jewellery by Abike
Handmade contemporary design with an edge
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Handmade pieces by Abike, made with semi precious stones with precious metals like sterling silver, goldfilled, rose gold and rhodium, all handcrafted by me.

 I'll happily work with you on any custom items you'd like.  

Orders are made to measure and to specifications. 

Customers are free to specify what stones they want and colour.

It can be done in Goldfilled, rose gold, rhodium  or sterling silver.

Ever since I was young I have always loved working with my hands;. I enjoyed making dresses

from patterns, stitching, arts & crafts amongst other things. All these I did by following

step by step instructions from a magazine of some sort.......I would look at an article and say

to myself...... “I can do that!” and I did.

In 2004, out of boredom, I was reading a beading magazine with instructions on how to make

a certain piece and again I said to myself .....“I can do that”, and again I did! With a few hits &

misses, I mastered the art of jewellery making and hence the birth of 'Jewellery by Abike'.

I approach everything with abundant amount of ‘joie de vivre’. If it’s not fun, it’s simply not

worth doing. All my pieces are made with semi precious stones like coral, turquoise, agate and

all metal beads are either 14k goldfilled or sterling silver. I offer quality jewellery at

affordable prices.








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